Why Purchase Custom Memo Pads?

While many people see all the different forms of stationary as a pretty generic assortment of products, you can actually have completely unique varieties at your disposal. It’s well known that the likes of paper with differently customized letterhead exists, but what you might not be as familiar with is customized memo pads. From different colors and patterns to having your name printed right on the cover or pages, it’s possible to have unique memo pads that are truly yours, through and through. If you’re close-minded, this may seem needlessly fancy, but the benefits of buying custom memo pads are pretty plain to see once you think about it.  

First of all, you can use several different memo pads to help you organize what each one covers. A lot of people keep multiple notepads on hand that all have the same design. They often end up having to dig through to find whichever specific one has the information they need at the time. 

With a nice array of unique memo pads at your disposal, you can get your hands on the exact material you’re looking for much more quickly. You’ll also be allowed to come up with whatever system works for you, i.e. a green pad for monetary matters. Having a quick visual reference like a customized appearance is a fantastic means of keeping better track of all of your different memos. 

Even if you’re not in the market for blank notepads yourself, a custom pad will make for a fantastic gift for others. Maybe you’re the sort to use your computer or mobile device for all your documents. That’s pretty common these days, but we all know someone that still prefers pen and paper. Everyone has that one friend or family member that’s always writing things down. A custom memo pad would make a great gift for those types. It’s a good gift for the “person that has everything” as well, since a completely unique pad made to personal specifications is sure to break the mold. 

Of course, customized blank memo pads are also a whole lot more fun and personal than the standard fare. You’ll be able to leave fully personalized notes much easier, and actually feel more of a connection with whatever you’re writing down. Something designed specifically for you (or a friend or loved one) will always mean so much more than something generic that was picked up off of a department store shelf.

Some people say that life is all about variety and trying out new things. If that’s really the case, then why not introduce something fresh into your stationary experience? Having a nice, high quality memo pad that’s all your own will leave you more inspired to use it consistently, much more so than you would with something mass manufactured. In the end, thanks to the organizational benefits, gift potential, and personalized nature of custom memo pads, it’s plain to see why you should consider giving them a try.

Tips for Buying Office Supplies

To keep any office running smoothly you need to buy office supplies on a regular basis. This guide will give you some simple tips to make buying these supplies quicker and easier. This will give you more time to run your business rather than worrying about placing orders.

Best Tips for Buying Office Supplies

1. Open an Account

Most office supplies companies offer trade accounts to businesses. These have a number of advantages, including being able to pay on credit after 30 days. By opening an account you also normally get preferential prices on some products. You will also receive regular promotional deals which could save you money on your office supplies order.

2. Negotiate on Price

The price you see advertised on a website or in a magazine may not be the price you have to pay. Depending on how much you will order from the office supplies company, you can normally qualify for a discount. Ask about this when you are opening your account. This is important since it will make the prices much better and more competitive.

3. Order Online where Possible

The internet has made it easier than ever to shop. You can buy from businesses all over the country and get the office supplies shipped directly to you. The internet has also made it very simple to compare prices from different suppliers so you can be sure you’re getting the best deal on the office supplies you are buying. When buying online the office supplies will be delivered to your business address by courier. Most online office supplies companies offer next day delivery so you don’t have to wait to get your delivery.

When ordering online you will also normally be able to easily re-order past orders. This makes it very simple to keep the office cupboard stocked with consumables.

4. Look out for Special Offers

There is quite often office supplies special offers throughout the year. If you look out for these then you can potentially save a lot of money on products that you need to purchase. Be warned, though, special offers can be very tempting to overspend or buy things that you don’t actually need. No matter how good the price is, make sure you really need what you are buying before parting with any money.

5. Buy in Bulk

Many of the larger office supplies companies offer price breaks and incentives to anyone who buys in large quantities. This might make it worthwhile to buy products you use regularly in bulk. Paper, for example, can be purchased in large quantities to save some money. Ask about any price breaks you might receive when you are placing your order.

6. Shop Around

You may buy all of your office supplies from one supplier. While this is easier, you might not be getting the best deal possible. Try searching around for other office supplies companies in your area to look at the prices they are charging. Having two different suppliers is often better for businesses. You can phone up each supplier and ask them to quote for a certain product. It’s then easy to place the order with the cheapest company.

Placing office supplies orders is very easy thanks to the Internet. Just take some extra time to shop around and make sure you’re not paying too much for the essential office supplies you are buying.